Saskia Wesnigk-Wood
SwanWing Productions

Theatre and Opera Director, Writer, Translator

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Performed in 2021 at
the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe
‘Love in the Time of Lockdown’
is now coming to the Bread & Roses in Clapham, London.


Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe sellout
‘Love In the Time of Lockdown’
received 3 and 4 star reviews

Tim Wilcock – EdFringe Review: “Subtly peppered with dark, dry humour, both brilliantly written and consummately delivered.”

Broadway Baby, Isla Whateley: These relatable stories were lovely to experience. The scenes blend serious, sometimes sad moments with comedy and light-heartedness in an effortless manner, which is important giving the dismalness of the overall subject matter. 

The Times, Friday August 13. 2021: Clive Davis: “...there was a mixture of pathos and humour in Love in the Time of Lockdown, a series of gently comic sketches by Saskia Wesnigk-Wood that reassembled memories of a period when some of us really did say such things as, “I really can’t wait to go on a bus again.” One of the funniest episodes found two would-be lovers [Martina Greenwood and Jon Terry] meeting on a date in a park and trying to square the demands of love and lust with the rules on social distancing. Did we really put ourselves through all that? Yes, indeed.”

Photo by JJ Waller

Love never stops, not even during Lockdown, but it gets so much harder. These 17 characters have been lonely, alone or had not a moment of privacy. They have been brave or resigned, they’ve run away or stayed put and some had hallucinations – or did they?
In a number of scenes six actors portray acutely observed people from all walks of life: illegitimate lovers, the patient who suddenly fancies the doctor, those who call a helpline just to have someone to talk to, and those who quietly get on with their incredibly difficult lives. A young woman talks to her car, an old woman almost cries when her budgie kisses her on the cheek. Actors miss the limelight but still have each other. This hour will have you laughing and crying and talking about how it was for you, for your neighbour and your friends. Everyone has a different story, everyone needs to be heard.
Claire Coull
Gillian Fischer
Martina Greenwood
Olivia Post
Jon Terry

Written and directed by: Saskia Wesnigk-Wood

Photos from the Brighton run by Strat Mastoris: